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XORA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is recognized as the leading adhesive tapes manufacturer and distributor of industrial packaging tapes in Malaysia. Founded in 2008, has built a reputation as the leading player in the industry, solely because of our persistence in product quality. Throughout years, Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd has proved the ability to deliver a broad range of superior quality products and services to our customer. “Bondmat, Bonding Material Solutions”

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High Temperature Masking Tape

High Temperature Masking Tape


  • Specially formulated rubber base pressure-sensitive tape ,
  • ROHS Compliance ,
  • Excellent Tackiness with Good Adhesion and Cohesion that sticks well to surface without coming off ,
  • Easy to peel without leaving any residues, and able to cut smoothly ;


  • Offer extreme Heat and Water Resistant properties. Thus, able to provide coverage against High Temperature and Baking Paint ,
  • Saves overall cost by providing Clean and residue-free removal properties ,
  • Strong Adhesion and tackiness allows for long – term adhesion purposes ,
  • Masking material used for protection for metal, glass, and plastics against external damages – scratches and damages ;


  • Used in Painting industry, General Purpose, Auto Spraying and other Masking areas ,
  • Spray Painting/Baking process- Temperature Resistant of 150 degree Celsius up to 1 hour ,
  • Ideal in spray-painting and masking applications such as furniture/wall decoration, pinstripe painting, wall art, canvas painting and hardware usages ,
  • Suitable for Electronic Industry in the usage of Bandoleering, Electroplating, and Soldering .
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